Bring your photos to life

Picletta aims to introduce a new online medium – “Piclets” – interactive multimedia content created by users and shared in their social network. Initially focussed on consumers, Picletta will enable users to enrich their Facebook pictures with multimedia and interactivity. Using Picletta, users will create interactive storybooks, collages and cartoons, combining personal pictures, videos and sounds. Picletta will unleash the creativity of a wide audience and quickly build a large repository, leveraging the attraction of multimedia and viral distribution in the vast user base of Facebook.


Piclets are created using the Picletta Facebook application, enabling users to create interactive multimedia content, without the hurdle of learning a programming language. The core intellectual property of Picletta is an advanced object-oriented programming language “o:XML”, providing the runtime environment for Piclets and the basis for differentiation and innovation. As the platform capabilities are enhanced, Picletta will evolve to a complete application platform enabling commercial users to rapidly create complete cross-platform multimedia applications, easier and more cost-effective than traditional environments.


Become part of the

Picletta team

We are currently building our core team and we are searching for talented individuals to join the Picletta family. If you think you have what it takes, have the burning desire to change the world and you are willing to contribute everything, please don't hesitate to get touch and send us an Email with your CV. To be clear, right now we are searching for experienced and best-in class talent, at this stage we are not looking for newbies or people who want to learn new skills. At a later stage, we will expand our search and have more room for various positions, but right new we are searching for:

  • Chief Financial Officer - At least 3 years experience in the software industry, experience in smaller private and public companies.


  • Development Lead Runtime - At least 5 years of developing virtual machines and runtime environments, experience in building highly scalabe server-side platforms such as application servers.


  • Development Lead Visual Programming - At least 3 years in designing programming languages and development environments.


  • Product Manager - At least 3 years in designing mass-market, user-centric web applications, with some background in mobile UX design.


Take a stake in the next-generation ecosystem for cloud apps

If you are an early-stage VC or business angel and would like to invest in new venture which has the potential to change the way applications are being developed, please get in touch. Picletta is an early-stage investment, but it is created by an experienced team and built on top of a proven object-oriented XML runtime which has received 5 years of development. We are fast moving and getting in early can provide exceptional results.